Employee Impression

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Employee Impression

Why you stay with us until now ?

“ JTEKT is a company where I can learn and develop myself. Besides that, I can develop others to grow together. These are the values of life that make you want to come to work and create value everyday. ”

Mr. Sakkriangkrai Chaichana

General Manager, Production Control

How do you feel about joining JTAP ?

“ This is my 1st and maybe is last working company. I felt it like my 2nd home. I am proud to be a part of JTAP. ”

Ms. Nanticha Namwong

Manager, Financial & Accounting

How do you feel about joining JTAP ?

“ JTAP is a big change. I believe in this change and I believe in JTAP. ”

Mr. Arthit Khamintgool

Manager, Production Engineering

What about “First impression” ?

“ I feel warmth from colleagues, they supported me well like a family and provided many knowledge. ”

Ms. Roikaew Budwong

Senior Engineer, Technical Center

Why you stay with us until now ?

“ I have worked with 2 company before JTEKT but only here made me feel like the Family. That’s why I stay here until now. ”

Mr. Natthawat Dolwattanan

Senior Engineer, Purchasing

What about “First impression” ?

“ I was surrounded by kind person such as my boss and my colleague. It impressed me. ”

Ms. Siriporn Jaratsai

Senior Staff, Sales