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Terms of Use for this Site

This website is operated by JTEKT Asia Pacific ("JTAP") and/or its agents. Parties using this website acknowledge that they do so after agreement to the conditions below. JTAP may change content of this website at any time, and therefore it requests that users always be sure to confirm the latest information. Also, this website contains links to other websites operated by JTAP, its affiliated companies, etc., and users must agree to the usage conditions written therein prior to using such websites.


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Trademarks, etc.

Rights concerning all trademarks, logo marks and company names displayed in this website belong to JTAP and/or the individual holders of such rights. Unauthorized usage of any such right without the express written consent of JTAP is strictly forbidden by trademark laws and other concerned laws except to the extent specifically permitted by such laws, and JTAP therefore requests that you contact JTAP and obtain its permission prior to any such use.

Exemption from liability

Although JTAP exercises the utmost care in determining information to be displayed in this website, it makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accurateness, effectiveness, reliability, safety (that it contains no viruses, etc.), etc. of such information and bears no liability whatsoever for any loss of any type incurred by any party through use of this website.

Please be aware that JTAP reserves the right to change the content of this website or suspend or stop operation of this website without prior notice and bears no liability whatsoever for any loss of any type incurred by any party as a result of any such change, suspension or stoppage.


We request that any party desiring a link to this website contact JTAP and obtain its permission prior to establishing any such link.

The content of any website (site link) of any party other than JTAP linked from or to this JTAP website is controlled at the responsibility of the said party and is not the responsibility of JTAP. JTAP bears no liability whatsoever for any loss incurred by any party as a result of the content of any site link or use thereof.

Collection methods, and the use of privacy information

To provide the better service, JTAP may ask your personal information such as your name, address, E-mail address, telephone number etc. in the response for inquiry or providing various materials data, questionnaire, E-mail delivery service, member service etc. in our website. In that case, we will specify and identify and clearly indicate the purpose of use as much as possible and collect your personal information within only a required range. JTAP will not use any information that we hold for the purposes other than those clearly indicated purposes.

Moreover, JTAP will also collect your web browsing history when using our website. The usage data will be used for the purpose written in “IP address, Cookies and web beacon”

However, JTAP and/or its agents may send the information by E-mail or other method to that you have already enquired about unless you have opted not to receive such information.

IP address, Cookies and web beacons

JTAP will collect your device’s internet protocol address (e.g. IP address) when you access our website by or through your computer or mobile device.

Moreover, JTAP may use obtained information from IP address, Cookies (*2) and web beacons (*3) for following purposes;

1. To track information about the number of visitor, web browsing history etc.

2. To provide better service and information to you based on your web browsing history.

3. To provide better service and information by referring to information that you registered previously when you log in the authentication service.

4. To perform sales promoting activity about JTAP’s products and services with relevance to separately obtained personal information

5. To maintain security, the re-entry of password is required when a prescribed time elapses after using. Further, JTAP, our third party service providers also may use Cookies to manage and measure the performance of advertisements displayed on other websites you are visiting.

6. You may be able to delete or disable the use of Cookies by setting your browser. However, in that case, you may experience some inconvenience in your use of the Website and some features may not function properly.


Cookies are information of your web browsing history, input contents etc. stored as files on your computer by the web browser while browsing our website.


Web beacons are small picture files or tags embedded into our website, allow us to collect non-personally identifiable information regarding the use of our website in our web server.

Applicable law, court of jurisdiction

All matters related to use of this website and usage conditions there of shall be governed by the laws of Thailand unless otherwise provided. All disputes in relation to this website shall be settled under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thai courts unless otherwise provided.